Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How to create a patch for a bug for Gedit

Hi everybody!

Here I am going to list a few steps that should be followed for fixing a bug for Gedit. They are not a big deal, but they might be helpful as a memory aid :)

1. Choose a bug from Bugzilla.

2. Open a terminal, and remember to do:

$ jhbuild shell

3. Edit the source code with your favourite tool so that you can fix the bug

4. Once you are ready, buildone the code:

$ jhbuild buildone gedit

5. Very important: TEST YOUR CODE! ;)

6. If everything's ok, then commit your changes:

$ git commit filename/s

7.Create a patch:

$ git format-patch HEAD^

8.Do an attachment to Bugzilla's web page:

1 comment:

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